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Lana Skye
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Lana Skye OA


One half of the "Legendary Duo"*
Occupation Los Angeles Police Detective ( - 2015)
Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor (2015 - 2017)
Police Superitenant <2019-Present>
Names in other languages
Japanese* 宝月 巴 (Tomoe Houdzuki)*
French Lana Skye
German Lana Skye
Spanish Lana Skye
Italian Lana Skye
Biological information
Born 1987-1988
Age at debut 29
Eye color Green
Hair color Light brown
Height* 5'5"; 168 cm
Family Unnamed parents (deceased)
Ema Skye (Younger sister)
Friends Mia Fey (Attended same law school; deceased)
An unnamed coroner in Europe (Ema's foster parent)
Affiliates Damon Gant (Former colleague, blackmailer, and accomplice)
Jake Marshall (Former colleague and possible ex-boyfriend)
Phoenix Wright (Former defence attorney)
Miles Edgeworth (Former subordinate and prosecutor for her trial)
Angel Starr (Former colleague)
Bruce Goodman (Former colleague; deceased)
Neil Marshall (Former colleague; deceased)
Debut episode Rise from the Ashes

Lana Skye is a a former head prosecutor, but she was arrested for forging evidence. However, she release from the prision and restarted her career in the Police Force and assist Ethan Araya helping achieve his position of Chief of Police and became a Police Superitenant