November 16, 8:56 A.MEdit

Maya Fey: Good Morning, Nick!

Phoenix Wright: ...What's so good...?

Maya: Nick!? You forgot!? It's Pearly's birthday!

--Phoenix looks at Maya with utter surprise--

Phoenix: Pearly's birthday...I-i-it's today?!

Maya: Oh Nick! What should you do?! You need to get a present NOW!

Phoenix: What should I do?! You mean, what should WE do?!

Maya: Nnnnick! Don't drag me into this!

--Phoenix starts dragging Maya out of the door--


9:14, November 16; Gift ShopEdit

Phoenix: Since you know more then I do about Pearls, you'll tell me which gift I should get.

Maya: But Nnnniiickkk... I don't wanna do this...

Phoenix: Be lucky I didn't drag you to the library.

Maya: Nick, your so mean!

Phoenix: The sooner you get the gift for Pearls, the sooner we can leave.

Maya: Well, Pearly loves puzzles. Maybe we should get a... WHAT THE-?!

Phoenix: M-M-Maya?!

-Phoenix turns around (Because his back was turned to Maya before.)-