Episodes Edit

Turnabout Uno - In the year 2002, a lawyer named Jimmy McGill is set to take on his first trial as a public defender.

Turnabout Embezzlement - Although business is slow Jimmy pursues a $1.6 million embezzlement case, defending Craig and Betsy Kettleman. They initially refuse but after finding out that they are guilty Jimmy attempts to entrap the couple. Unfortunately the entrapping fails and gets Jimmy involved with Mexican drug pin, Tuco Salamanca and his assistant, Ignacio "Nacho" Varga. Nacho tries further to assist Jimmy, by taking the stolen money for the two to share but it caught in the process. With no other option but death by Tuco, Jimmy must defend Nacho.

Turnabout Mijo - Nacho's supplier for Tuco has a falling out which gets tied in with a murder. In order to once again save himself and Nacho from death by Tuco, Jimmy must defend the man.

Turnabout Brothers - Jimmy's brother Charles McGill entraps Jimmy to try and get his license revoked.